Don't know baby gender

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How do I write the shower invite if they don´t know the baby´s gender?

Don't know baby gender

You can easily throw a shower for a couple when they don't want to find out the baby's gender before it is born.

There's a baby on the way
as you all know –
Let's help Ginny and Scott
get their “Ducks in a Row”!
Shower Supper
Friday, May 6th
7:30 p.m.
555 Old Club Road
Laura & Jack
Riley & Ben
Connor & Chase
Ally & Will*
Tracee & Tommy
Regrets 555-5555*

The nursery is ready;
we know the due date –
but as for the sex
we will have to wait!
Shower & Supper
Hailey Hightower….

Tina's expecting,
and she's making us wait
to see who arrives
on her due date
Come guess the sex
of this bundle of joy –
we're all excited be it
a girl or a boy!....

A bundle of joy will soon be here
so come & join us for an evening of cheer!
Diaper Shower dinner
Lacie Lytham….

They're expecting a baby,
a new bundle of joy,
a very special gift,
be it a girl or a boy!
It's a Baby Shower for
Shelly Rose…

A new baby is almost due
we don't know if it's pink or blue
Evelyn Ross can hardly wait
please join us as we celebrate…

Girls need pink,
Boys need blue,
What will Claire's baby be?
We don't have a clue!
So please join us as we shower her
with clothes and toys,
anything that would be appropriate
for a little girl or boy!
Baby Shower honoring
Claire Cummings….

Please join us as we honor
Katherine Smith
with a Baby Shower and Luncheon
on Saturday, October 16, 2004
at twelve o'clock
876 Melrose Avenue

Beatrice Sterling and Sarah Lawrence

Regrets only 555.555.5555

She's having a baby!!

Please join us in showering
Anna Jane Smith.....

We're having a Library Shower
for Sophie and the 'baby on the way!'

Please join us for breakfast
Saturday, March 10th at 10:00
3420 Willow Cove

(Please choose your favoritd childhood storybook
to stock the nursery's bookshelves)

Given with love by: *Nan and Meg
r.s.v.p. *555.5555

Twinkle, twinkle little star
How we wonder what you are
Sarah and Michael haven't a hunch,
Please join us for a Baby Shower Lunch!....



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