Baby showers for 2nd or 3rd children

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Do people usually have showers for 2nd or 3rd children?

Baby showers for 2nd or 3rd children

If the parents have their children very close together they usually do not need anything else because they can pass down the other children's things to the new baby. It's also hard to ask your same guests from a year ago to buy another large baby shower gift for the same family just because you want all new things for the new baby.

You can throw a party after the baby is born so everyone can see the new little one and have the option to bring a gift if they would like. It's always nice for each child to have clothing or items that are specifically theirs and did not belong to anyone else. It's hard being 2nd or 3rd and everything you own has been handed down to you.

If the children have great differences in age and the parents may have given away or loaned out all of their old baby things, or one was a boy and one is a girl, then you may want to throw them a shower to fill some of the gaps they may have in their baby items.

Make sure you include the registry information so the parents receive just what they need for the newest baby.

The Griggs Family will soon grow to three.
Please come celebrate the upcoming baby!
Baby shower and Brunch

Pins, diapers and bottles galore
Jennifer Chandler's expecting one more!
Join us for a Baby Shower
Sunday, June 8th at 6:00 p.m…..

Baby number 3
is on the way –
So let's help Jaime
prepare for the day!
Casserole and Diaper Dump
Thursday, May 4th
7 o'clock…....



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