Baby shower themes

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What are some different baby shower themes I can choose from?

Baby shower themes

There are many baby shower themes:

Libaray Shower - everyone brings a book for the new baby

Around the clock shower - everyone stops by at their designated time to spend quality time with the mother-to-be or the mom and baby

Surprise shower - a surprise for the mom (or mom and dad)

Couples shower - a luncheon, bbq or other party that can honor and shower both the mother and father and their male and female friends can both attend

Sip and See - the baby is born and a luncheon/tea party is held for people to stop by and "sip" tea and "see" the baby

Diaper shower - for first, second, or third child - everyone needs diapers and this is a great way to stock up the parents with diapers and wipes - perfect for people who may already have everything - just make sure they have the space to store the boxes and boxes of diapers

Luncheon, garden party, spa party, coffe or tea or dinner - there are so many ways to make your baby shower unique and fun for all of your guests.



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