Who hosts a baby shower?

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Who should host a baby shower?

Who hosts a baby shower?

Friends of the parents-to-be would have the first honor to host a baby shower. If they cannot host then a family member such as the parents, aunt/uncle, cousin, sister/brother can host seperately or together. Other options are for the family and friends to all host together or have a couple of different showers, making sure the same guests aren't invited to more than one shower.

If you are a host or hostess you are responsible for:

the invitations (ordering, paying, addressing, and postage), place cards, menu cards, paper products

the location, food, beverages, flowers or decorations, tax and tips

and a gift for the new baby

You may want to consider sharing these costs with other host/hostesses. Just make sure you list everyone who is helping with the costs on the invitation.



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