Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Themes

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What are some different Bachelor/ette party themes?

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Themes

Bachelor Party themes:

Go to a sporting event as a group (baseball, basketball, hockey, football, etc)
Go gamble (Las Vegas or Atlantic City)
Host a poker night
Host a golf outing
Host a men-only cook-out
Host a cigar and bar party
Go to a race together (car or horses)
Go out to a club together

Bachelorette Party themes:

Shopping outing
Spa day
Go to a club and out dancing together
Lingerie shower and bachelorette party combined
Host a sleepover with dinner and drinks and laughs
Dinner and a show together

Each group of men and women could do there own thing then meet up for drinks later in the evening also.

Cater your party to your friends and have a good time celebrating their upcoming marriage!



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