Wedding invitation formats

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What formats can I use for my wedding invitation?

Wedding invitation formats

All formal wedding invitations follow the same format:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
request the honour of your presence (if in church)
pleasure of your company (if not in church)
at the marriage of their daughter
Jane Elizabeth
Mr. John James Jones
(you can add "son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jones)
Saturday, the fifth of May
two thousand and four
two o'clok in the afternoon
Saint Mary's Church
Lumberton, North Carolina

Reception to follow at
Pinecrest Country Club

Different people can host your wedding other than the parent's of the bride. When others host the wedding and reception, they are listed at the top of the wedding invitation.

If you are having a more casual wedding, you can write as creatively as you like. You can rhyme, add a poem, etc. just make sure you include the who, what, when, where that is needed for your guests to know the specifics of your event.



4/9/2007 7:50:16 AM
Prashant More said:

short sweet and up to the point


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