Should I invite co-workers to my weddiing

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Should I invite my co-workers to the wedding?

Should I invite co-workers to my weddiing

This is another area that is likely to breed envy among people. In a close knit office environment, they all think they should be invited. I know several young people who have solved this by not inviting any of them to the wedding, but by having a special party for them alone. They'll get a cousin or grandfather, their uncle or a friend to have a cocktail party and invite all co-workers and have a long cocktail hour just with them and the bridal couple and they'll feel that they've been at a wedding reception and feel special which is great.

Another couple invited everyone to the wedding ceremony but explained their cost restraints and that only family and close friends were to attend the reception. The co-workers understood completely and were happy to be a part of the ceremony itself.



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