Wedding Invitation Gift Requests

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How do I ask for money or gifts on my wedding invitations?

Wedding Invitation Gift Requests

The only proper place to include registry information is on a bridal shower invitation. It is considered improper to put registry information on or inside your wedding invitation. If you do not have a bridal shower before your wedding, you would have your friends and family spread by word of mouth where you are registered or the things you need to set up your home.

It is also considered improper to ask for money instead of a gift at any time, for any type of event. You can have your friends and family discretely spread this by word of mouth also but do not have this type of information printed on your invitation or risk insulting your guests.

If you have an established home and don't need any other home items - think outside of the box when you are registering. Register at home improvement stores to rennovate a room in your home, or for new carpet, or for new large appliances that people can pool together and purchase or give you gift cards toward. Or register for things to do on your honeymoon that people can help you pay for. Many people will write a check if they don't know what to buy you but others like to buy gifts and will need a little more direction, so you should register somewhere.



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