Should I order extra wedding invitations?

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Should I order extra wedding invitaitons and envelopes?

Should I order extra wedding invitations?

Ordering extra wedding invitations with your initial order is a must. You should order extra wedding invitations and at least 25 extra envelopes.

You need extra envelopes and invitations in case:

1.) You forgot to add people to your wedding list and need to send them an invitation.

2.) You mail some invitations to the wrong address and they get all marked up and returned to sender and you need clean fresh invitations to resend to the correct address.

3.) You may make errors when writing the addresses on your envelopes and need new ones to replace them.

4.) You may have a few people reply and say they cannot attend. Once your first wave of guests accept or decline you can send invitations to your second guest list to fill the alloted slots.

5.) You will want to keep one or two yourself to have framed or to put in a scrap book to remember your special day.

When you order extra envelopes or invitations with your initial order the costs are very minimal. If you have to order more later they cannot be added to your initial order - they are considered a seperate order by the printer and can cost up to 3 times as much for just 25 more. You would be wise to order too many and have extra than to be under and have to reorder and pay the extra costs.



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