Food allergies at parties

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How do I request to know my guests food allergies?

Food allergies at parties

Most parents who have children with food allergies will offer this information when they call to R.s.v.p. because they know firsthand how serious a food allergy can be.

Although, when inviting many children to a large party, you should consider peanut allergies when planning your menu and try to work around peanut products, oils, etc. Since that is the most deadly allergy, it is best to avoid when inviting many children. It would be more difficult to feed one or two children something different than to just exclude it in the first place. Be sure to ask the parents when they call to R.s.v.p. and maybe you create a different nametag for that child with "no peanuts" or "no milk" written on it for all the chaperones to notice.



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