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What wording and invitation do you use for a graduation and party?

Graduation party invitations

Graduates and their parents can invite people to the gradutation ceremony and a graduation party afterward or to just a graduation party. Choose an invitation that is as formal as the celebration you are having.

Graduation Celebration
Katie and Lauren
Saturday, May 19, 2007
8:00 pm - midnight
Dinner, Dancing and D.J.
Highland Lake Clubhouse
388 Forest Drive

The Millers* and The Patricks

Regrets only *555-5555

Kathy is Graduating!
Let's all get together for a
Luncheon Celebration
on Sunday, May fifteenth
Two thousand and seven
at two o'clock in the afternoon
14 Peachtree Drive
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Gerald and Chris Hanlon
Please reply by April 13
(555) 555-5555

Let's get together and toast the grads
After four years plus, we're more than glad!
Accomplishments like this deserve some praise
So to the graduates, our glasses we raise!

Come join friends and family
to honor the Class of 2007

Friday, May 26, 2007
6 o'clock
Grubs Bar and Grill

Given by a host of friends
regrets 555-555-5555

Is it true - Can it be?
Barry's going to get his

The University of Pennsylvania
will bestow upon
Barry Louis Holland
the title of Doctor

June 5, 2006
10 o'clock in the morning
Weatherspoon Auditorium

This is something you have got to see!
Please join us for the ceremony and the celebration.

The Gables - 12:00 Commerce Avenue
Minzie, Jenn and Chris Holland

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Shelton Jones
would be delighted for you to join them
for an evening of celebration
Briar Shelton Jones
at the completion of his course work
leading to his
Doctorate in Psychology
Saturday, June the tenth
at six o'clock
Nixon Room of the Watergate Hotel
1240 Pennsylvania Avenue
R.s.v.p. 555-5555

How do I request gifts of money on my graduation invitations?

Money request on graduation invite

Asking for money at any time on any type of invitation is improper. You should never solicit for gifts and should only include registry information on a baby shower or wedding shower invitation, that are not hosted by yourself. If you need help with money to take to college, have your friends and family spread this information around by word of mouth but never include it on any type of invitation. People are not obligated to give you anything for your graduation and may be insulted if you "request" a gift of money on your invitation.

How do I address the envelopes for graduation invitations?

Inner and Outer Envelopes

Some graduation invitations or announcements purchased through the school have inner and outer envelopes. Most purchased outside of the school do not.

When addressing the inner and outer envelopes of a graduation invitation you can be more casual than if you were addressing the inner and outer envelopes of a wedding invitation.

Outer Envelope:
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith

Inner Envelope:
Uncle Jim and Aunt Sarah

When should I order and mail my graduation invitations?

Order/Mail graduation invitations

Order graduation invitations 6-10 weeks in advance and then mail them 4-6 weeks before the event depending on how many out of town guests you are inviting. You want to make sure the invitations have time to get to the guests in the mail and that you leave enough time to receive an R.s.v.p. by your deadline.

Who should I send gradutation invitations to?

Graduation invitation recipients

Graduation invitations should be sent to the people who would be most excited to see you graduate or attend a graduation party in your honor. Generally these are your closest family and friends.

If you are mailing out announcements to let people know that you have already graduated, again, only send them to the people who would most like to know.

What is the difference between graduation invitations & announcements?

Graduation Announcement vs. Graduation Invitation

Announcements are sent to the close friends and family of the graduate to announce that the student has graduated.

Graduation invitations are sent to invite the close friends and family of the graduate to the graduation ceremony and the party afterwards if someone is hosting one.

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