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Who can host a wedding anniversary party invitation and how to write?

Anniversary invitations with different hosts

Anniversary parties can be hosted by the husband and wife, their children or other family members or friends.

Maxine and Geoffrey Redgrave
request the pleasure of your company
on a River Cruise aboard the Golden Barracuda
to celebrate their
35th Wedding Anniversary
Friday, the first of August
seven o'clock in the evening
Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing

Boat departs the Savoy Pier, Embankment WC2
at 7:15 p.m. and docks at 11:00 p.m.

Celebrate 25 Years!
We are honoring our parents,
Sally and Bill Whitaker
Please join us for Dinner and Dancing
Saturday, The third of February
at six-thirty in the evening
Hotel Bel Air
Silver Ballroom
Jeremy, Miles and Lisa

Your presence Please respond
is their present 555-555-5555 (Lisa)

Because you have shared in their lives
by your friendship and love
we invite you to join
in the celebration of
of our parents
on Friday, the tenth of June
at eight o'clock
Santa Rosa Beach Country Club
Sheri, Clay and Morgan

Please reply Black tie

How do I note we don´t want gifts at our anniversary party?

No gifts please

After so many years together, many couples do not need another single thing and don't want to receive any gifts for their anniverary party. They can relay this information to their guests on the invitation by having printed, on the bottom left or right hand corner of the invitation in a smaller font size, one of the following:

No gifts
No gifts please
Your presence is your present
Your present is your presence
Your presence is the only gift we desire
Your presence is our preferred gift

What styles of invitations are appropriate for a wedding anniversary?

Anniversary invitation styles

Anniversary invitations can be formal or casual. They can include the dates of the marriage on the top, a photograph of the couple now or when they were married, they can be simple or wildly creative. The invitation and anniversary party should reflect the couple and their lifestyle. It can reflect their love of nature, the era in which they met, or be a duplicate of their wedding day. It's a wonderful time to celebrate the many years they have been together.

When should I order and mail my anniversary party invitations?

Order/Mail anniversary party invitations

Depending on the print time needed for the invitation you have selected, you should order your invitations up to 12 weeks or more before the event. That way you have 2-3 weeks alloted for print time, 1-2 weeks for addressing and assembling and you can mail 6-8 weeks before the event. Mail further out if you have many out of town guests or send a save the date card 12-18 weeks ahead of time for everyone to reserve the date of the party so more people are sure to accept.

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