Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Invitations Tips

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How do I indicate a start and end time for my party?

Start and end times of event

When your party has a start date and an ending time that you need them all to leave by you can note this on the invitation. Instead of just writing a start time you would write:

6:00 pm to midnight


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


seven o'clock to midnight

How do I indicate costs for a Bachelor or Bachelorette party?

Indicate costs of a Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Generally the hosts would pay for the costs of the event but if it is a golf outing where everyone should pay for their own green fees or if there are costs that need to be shared such as spa fees then everyone should pay for their own and somone or a few of the people should help pay for the guest of honor.

The best way to spread this information is by word of mouth so you can explain what the costs are designated for.

You can note costs for a bachelor/bachelorette party, where guests will split the costs of the party (such as limo, spa services, golf, etc.) on the bottom right hand corner of the invitation in smaller letters. You should note what the costs are for so guests know if they need to bring more money or if that will cover their entertainment for the entire event.

What are some different Bachelor/ette party themes?

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Themes

Bachelor Party themes:

Go to a sporting event as a group (baseball, basketball, hockey, football, etc)
Go gamble (Las Vegas or Atlantic City)
Host a poker night
Host a golf outing
Host a men-only cook-out
Host a cigar and bar party
Go to a race together (car or horses)
Go out to a club together

Bachelorette Party themes:

Shopping outing
Spa day
Go to a club and out dancing together
Lingerie shower and bachelorette party combined
Host a sleepover with dinner and drinks and laughs
Dinner and a show together

Each group of men and women could do there own thing then meet up for drinks later in the evening also.

Cater your party to your friends and have a good time celebrating their upcoming marriage!

Who should I invite to the bachelor/ette party?

Guests of Bachelor/ette party

Depending on the type of event you are hosting you should invite the guests of honor's siblings, attendants and close family and friends.

If it is a spa day or golf outing you can also include the bride or groom's parents.

Be sure to ask the bride or groom who they would like to invite to this final "singles" outing!

Who should host a bachelor/ette party?

Who should host?

One or a combination of the bride or groom's siblings, other family members, attendants or friends can host the bachelor/ette party. Include many people to help absorb the costs and to get more fun ideas for the party!

What text can I use for Bachelor and Bachelorette party invitations?

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Invitations

It's a Ladies Day out!
We'll do a little shopping,
We'll do a little lunch
We'll do a little relaxation at the spa
We'll do a little celebrating for
Carly Jo Smith
before her wedding day!!

Meet at Laura's house
42 Kingston Court


We're Steppin' Out!

It's ladies night out for
Barbara's Bachelorette Party!

Friday, February 6th
6:00 pm

Meet at Shelley's house
555 Wishbone Lane

R.s.v.p. Laura

Hello girls - the time is here!
Mark your calendars and pack your gear!
off to New York July 19th we'll go -
& borrow Cara from her handsome beau!
One lingerie shower is left to be had
Friday night we'll celebrate bad!!
Saturday we'll be shopping all day
and hit the town at night to play
Get ready girls for a weekend of laughs
as we celebrate Cara's Bachelorette Bash!

July 19th - July 22nd
New York, New York

Call Stacy Redding
for flight details
and reservations

It's our time to get spoiled
and get pampered all day
with manicures and pedicures
before Corinne's Big Day

Whatever our fancy
from our head to our feet
Let's get together at Trio's
where we are all to meet

Saturday, February 5th
1:00 pm

Regrets 555-5555

Tee Time!

Let's celebrate and toast
the final weeks of
Matt Smith's

Saturday, May 5th
8:00 am
Pinecrest Country Club

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