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How do I indicate a dress code for my child´s party?

Denote attire

You can note the dresscode on the bottom right hand corner of the invitation:

Swimsuits and towels
Bring a change of clothes
Tea Party Attire
Please wear sneakers
Please no sandals
Dress like favorite Super Hero

Can I register for my child´s party?

Registering for child's party

If your guests want you to register you can but traditionally you only register for baby showers and wedding showers. Most people like to buy the gift they want to and can afford to for children's parties and will be insulted to hear you have registered for gifts for your child. That would seem like a major solicitation of gifts for your child and many of your guests will not take that well.

How do I request parents to stay with child for duration of party?

Adults must stay at party

There are many types of children's parties that parents may be required to stay and help chaperone their own child:

Horseback riding
Roller or Ice Skating - where it isn't a closed rink and there are way too many children to watch effectively
Theme Park or Water Park - same reason as above

You can note on the bottom of the invitation:

Parents please stay with your child during party
Parents please stay with your child for duration of party
Parents please stay and help chaperone your child

It is assumed that the parents pay for their own food or entertainment unless stated otherwise by the hosts.

How do I indicate the party is for children only - no adults allowed?

Children only - no adults

You may have a party that only has the space for the children to attend and you don't have room for the parents to stay:

Child dressy tea party at a restaurant
Child dress up party
Child laser tag party
Child pizza making party

You can note a "Drop off at 1:00 and Pick up at 4:00" or you can say, in smaller letters on the bottom, "Children only please" or "Facility size limitations - children only please".

How do I note the start and end time of my child´s party?

Start and end time

You can note the start and end time for a child's party as below:

1:00 to 4:00

Drop off 1:00 - Pick up 4:00

How do I indicate cost per person for child´s party?

Cost per guest for child

When you invite a child to a party you should pay for their food and entertainment. Your guests should not be expected to pay or you are not the host of the party. If guests each pay their own way then it is a "gathering" not a "hosted party".

You can note that "Pizza, drinks and 5 tokens (or tickets) included". Therefore, if they want to purchase more than 5 tokens they need to bring extra money themselves.

How do I request to know my guests food allergies?

Food allergies at parties

Most parents who have children with food allergies will offer this information when they call to R.s.v.p. because they know firsthand how serious a food allergy can be.

Although, when inviting many children to a large party, you should consider peanut allergies when planning your menu and try to work around peanut products, oils, etc. Since that is the most deadly allergy, it is best to avoid when inviting many children. It would be more difficult to feed one or two children something different than to just exclude it in the first place. Be sure to ask the parents when they call to R.s.v.p. and maybe you create a different nametag for that child with "no peanuts" or "no milk" written on it for all the chaperones to notice.

What do I write on my daughter´s Quinceanera invitations?

Quinceanera party invites

A Quinceanera is a party to celebrate the 15th birthday of Hispanic girl. It symbolizes her becoming a woman and is a large, formal event. You invite your closest family, godparents and friends. There is a spiritual celebration then a social ceremony afterward with food and a band and dancing. Traditionally the girl chose a pink dress but now they are choosing other colors - mostly pastel.

Some invitation examples:


Mr. and Mrs. Jose Igiris
request the pleasure of yoru company
at a dance
in honour of their daughter
Susanna Carolina's
Saturday, the fifth of May
at seven o'clock in the evening
Twelve Hundred South Taffeta Street
North Kingsley, Virginia

What do I write on a slumber party invitation?

Slumber party invitations

Slumber parties are so much fun! Here are some examples of slumber party invitations:

A Friday Night Girl's Delight!

You're invited to a sleepover
at Jennie's House
Friday, April 10th
5:00 p.m.
555 Pecan Street

regrets only 555.5555 pick up Saturday
by 11:00 am

Please come to the
Overnight Birthday Party of
Madeline Claire Smith
Saturday, the sixth of April
from 8 pm to 8 am
at her home
1555 Orchard Hill Drive
Monticello, California

regrets only (555) 555.5555

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