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What types of wedding shower themes can I use for my invitations?

Wedding Shower Themes

You can have a wedding shower any time of the day: Brunch - around 11 am, Coffee in the morning, Luncheon - from 12 - 2:30, Tea - morning or afternoon, Cocktail Party at 6:00 pm or Sunday noon, or a Dessert Shower at 7:30 pm.

Different themes are listed below:

Pantry Shower: guests should bring a gift of food to stock the bride and groom's pantry

They've bought their home
and will soon be married
but their cupboards are bare
they need pantry stocking a-plenty!

Please join us for a
Pantry Shower
Gena and Brad

Lingerie Shower: guests should only be women and the bride's size and color preference should be noted on the invitation

Something sexy, a trip to the spa -
Let's make Mark say Ooh, la, la!

Lingerie Shower
Wimberly Wilson....


Flannel pajamas are Madeline's night-time attire.
She needs a few things to help light the fire!
A lingerie shower will start her off right,
Let's outfit her for the honeymoon night!!

Lingerie Shower and Brunch

Round-the-clock-shower: a different time is written on each invitation and the guest should bring a gift appropriate to their designated time (6 pm = cocktail glass)

hurry, hurry....we're late, we're late
for a very important and special date

Jessie and Sam
will soon be at the starting gate

Please join us for cocktails and dinner
we'll start the ole'clock a'tickin' for them
Saturday, June 15th at 6:30
55 Hillburn Drive
your magic hour is

Round the Clock Shower

Before Helen and Clay
head down the aisle
let's help them set up
their house in style!

Please join us for an
Around the Clock Shower...

Gardening Shower: guest should bring any type of gardening tool, plants or gift certificates to a gardening center

They have everything they need for inside their new home,
but their yard is barren - not even a garden gnome!
They need our help with the tools to spruce up their exterior,
Pruning shears, rakes, hoes, and plants - no gift is inferior!
Please join us for a
Couples Gardening Shower
Stacy Smith
Brad Jones.....

Recipe Shower: guests bring a recipe and a gift to help make the recipe

Their love for each other
simmers and boils
but neither can cook
and they don't even own foil!

Please join us for a
Recipe Shower
Stacy and Brad
Saturday, May 5th at 1:00 pm
555 North Elm Street

Please bring a few of your favorite recipes and a gadget to help them when making

Paper Shower: guests bring any paper or plastic items - paper flowers, table mats, monogrammed napkins or table cloths, books, or magazines

Please join us for a
Paper Shower
Sarah Jones....
....any paper or plastic gifts will do
you can be as creative as you like!

Stock-the-Bar Shower: generally a couples shower, guests bring bottles of liquor, wine, mixers, cocktail shakers, stirrers, monogrammed cocktail napkins, barware or any other bar serving pieces

Heidi and Kurt's Wedding
is not to far...
so let's get together and
Stock Their Bar.....

Grill Shower: also a couples shower, guests bring anything related to cooking out

They like to grill,
they enjoy food cooked with fire!
Let's give them some tools
so they can cook-out to their heart's desire!!

It's a Grilling Party for
Jenna and Steve
Friday, May 6th is the eve
at 7:00 to start them off right
only a few weeks away from their wedding night!...

Outdoor Shower: also for couples, guests bring camping equipment and gadgets

They like to camp,
they like to hike,
they like to swim,
they like to bike.
They suit each other so very well,
they have much in common,
they really "gel"!
Let's give them things they really love,
for all of their hobbies listed above!

It's an Outdoor Shower
Jenna and Brad....

Home Improvement or Handy-man (or Handy-person) Shower: guests bring any tools, gadgets, cleaning supplies or gift certificates to a home improvement store

It's a Home Improvement Shower!
They have a new home but not a nail to their name,
they can't even hang a picture - now isn't that lame?
Please join us
Saturday, May 5th at 6:30 pm
as we shower
Greta and Patrick
with Home Improvement Items
for their new home!....

Can I include registry information on the wedding shower invitation?

Wedding registry information

You can include wedding registry information on the wedding shower invitation or on an smaller enclosure card inside the invitation envelope. It would be printed in much smaller letters on the bottom center of the invitation or bottom right hand corner.

However, it is not proper to include registry information with the wedding invitation itself. It would be improper to solicit a gift at that point in time - only before, at the shower that is designated for this purpose.

How do I ask the wedding shower guests to contribute to a group gift?

Group gift for wedding shower

Group gifts at a shower are nice. They allow you to puchase a much larger, more expensive gift from the bride and groom's registry.

However, we recommend you verbally ask some of your closer friends or relatives if they want to participate in a group gift, rather than asking all the guests to bring money to the shower for a group gift on the shower invitation.

Some problems you can encounter when you ask for money for a group gift on the invitation:

1.) Some people like to buy their own gifts or have an heirloom gift they would like to give and may not want to participate.

2.) If you require $40 from each guest to cover the cost of the gift - know that a few guests may not be able to participate to the full amount. They may want to contribute less - leaving a balance you will have to cover. Futhermore, you will need to list all participants equally on the card - even though some guests gave more money than others, since they all contributed.

3.) Some guests may offer to participate and then not attend the shower - leaving you to cover the balance.

4.) If everyone decides to participate in the group gift except for a couple of guests, it may be embarrassing for them when the gift is being opened and the gift givers are recognized.

5.) The guests may feel "bullied" into participating in a group gift it is is written on the invitation rather than through a phone call.

Who should attend a wedding shower?

Wedding Shower Guests

Only people you are inviting to the wedding should be invited to the wedding shower. If you cannot accommodate someone at your wedding, they should not be expected to give you a gift by inviting them to your wedding shower.

You will want to make sure you include the mother of both the bride and the groom (if they live close enough to attend easily).

If the bride is being given many showers by different groups of people you need not invite the same people to each shower. Members of both families, your attendants, close friends, relatives, family friends, co-workers or club members may each be invited to the appropriate shower.

Who can and cannot host the wedding shower?

Wedding shower hosts

Friends, aunts, cousins, members of the bridal party, or co-workers are all eligible to host the wedding shower. Immediate family members of the bride or groom should not host the wedding shower. This includes the mothers, grandmothers and sisters.

Exceptions to this rule are when the bride comes from a foreign country and knows no one here except her groom and his family - then they may plan the shower.

Traditionally it is not proper for the immediate family to "solicit" gifts for their children by hosting the shower for them.

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