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What different types of holiday parties can I host?

Holiday Party Invitations

Stand out from the crowd and have some fun with your holiday party invitations.

Tree-trimming party:
Please join us as we Trim the Tree!
Friday, December 11th from 7 until 10 o'clock
555 North Elm Street
R.s.v.p. The Smiths 555-5555

Holiday Cookie Exchange:
Come to my Cookie Exchange Party Bring your favorite cookies, along with the recipe
Saturday, December 18th 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
55 Main Street Edgetown
R.s.v.p. (555) 555-5555
Anne Berry

Holiday Open House:
December 15th, reserve the date for an Open House from 5 'til 8
164 Hillside is the place to be for gathering around the Christmas Tree
Casual attire and plenty of food will help to create a festive mood. Hope to see you there!
Kara and Jack Smith
Regrets only 555-5555

Holiday Cocktail Party:
Please join us for Cocktails and Holiday Cheer!
Saturday, December 18th 7:00 pm
One Stratfield Lane Westchester
Dawn and David Smith
Regrets only 555-5555

Holiday Progressive Dinner:
We hope you'll join us for a Progressive Holiday Supper Saturday, December eleventh
Cocktails and Appetizers at six
Hosts: Sandra and Ryan Smith
Supper at seven thirty
Hosts: Jessica and Aaron Jones
Dessert and Afterwards at nine-thirty
Hostess Merodythe Conner
R.s.v.p. to Sandra 555-5555 by December fifth

Christmas Wassail:
Come to my Christmas Wassail and celebrate the joy of the season!
Friday, December 18th following Caroling on The Square
555 Rockford Road, Wilmington
R.s.v.p. Laura Smith 555-5555

What type of New Year´s party invitations should I choose?

New Year's party invitations

Ring in the new year with those closest to you with a New Year's party! Choose invitations with confetti and swirls or champagne glasses and bubbly or go with a simple, plain flat card. Your party invitation is the first thing your guest receive to let them know the type of event in which they have been invited. Tailor it to the type of event you are hosting and have fun!

Put on Your Dancing Shoes!
the Marley Theatre Club
requests the pleasure of your company at a
New Year's Eve Gala
Friday, the thirty-first of December
Cocktails at seven o'clock - Dinner at eight o'clock
Dancing at nine o'clock featuring The Martins
The Ritz-Carlton
600 Stockton Street
San Francisco

Festive black tie

Happy New Years!!

Please join us for a little bubbly and
good cheer to toast the coming year!

Friday, December 31st
9 p.m.

Sheila and Mike Hasting
555 Jonquil Court

R.s.v.p. 555-5555

What are some different types of Halloween Party Invitations?

Halloween party invitations

Halloween brings out the child in all of us! Celebrate with a pumpkin carving party, a costume party, set up a haunted house in your basement, invite everyone over for a 'candy swapping" party the day after Halloween - the possibilities are endless!

Some Halloween party invitation wording:

It's the annual Pumpkin Smash
get ready for the Monster Mash
dance, drink & scare up this night!!

Thursday, October 31st
6:30 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Pourhouse Bar and Grill
River Market

Cash prizes for costume contests
Live music by the Scary Pumpkins
Great Halloween drink specials

Ticket prices are $15 with costume
$25 without

Fright night is almost here
Get your costumes if you fear...
The Annual Walker's Costume Party!....

Ghosts and Goblins, spooks galore
Scary Witches at your door...
Jack-o-Lanterns smiling bright
Wishing you a Happy Haunting Night!

Saturday, October 30th is the date
The time to gather will be eight
4611 Woodlawn we will meet
So get ready to Trick or Treat

Julie and Matt Williams

Costumes please
Regrets only 555-555-5555

Bibbidy... Bobbidy .... BOO!!

Who needs enchanted pumpkin coaches
when you can come to our

Annual Pumpkin Carving Party!.....

What types of patriotic party invitations can I use?

Patriotic party invitations

Celebrate the great United States of America! Show your pride and host a patriotic party!

Examples of patriotic party invitations:

Let freedom ring!!
Join us for our 2nd annual
4th of July party....

4th of July

Angie and John's
July 4th

Food, Fireworks and Fun!

Regrets 555-55553

Memorial Day Party!

July 22nd
3:00 pm

55 New York Drive

Regrets 55-5555

What types of text can I use on Thanksgiving party invitations?

Thanksgiving party invitations

Invite all of your friends and family to give thanks at your home this year with a huge Thanksgiving dinner! The perfect time to get together before the busy holiday season!

Sharing the Harvest Diner

Winnie and Edward Smith
cordially invite you
to join them for
Thanksgiving Dinner

two-thirty p.m.
Seven Meadow Lane

R.s.v.p. 555-5555

Bountiful Feast
with family and friends

Please join us to celebrate
Thanksgiving Day

twelve noon
5555 West Wilshire
Jane, William, Betsy and Willie

It's Fall Y'all!!
Please join us for an
End-of-the-Season Pig Roast!

Saturday, Octover 5th
starting at noon

The Palmers
5555 Talbots Lane

Please R.s.v.p. to Judy
by the first 555-5555

What are some Easter party themes I can host?

Easter Party Invitations

You can celebrate Easter with brunch, lunch, an Easter egg hunt, an egg coloring party, or anything else you can come up with!!

Some Easter party invitation wording samples:

4th Annual
Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, April 12
10 o'clock
Wilshire Grounds

Egg Coloring, Basket Making
and More!

Have your photo taken with the
Easter Bunny!

For more information

Easter Bunnies, baskets, babies and Lunch
followed by that ever famous Easter Egg Hunt!

May the Second immediately following services
16 Heather Lane
hop on over
Stanley and Kelley

Please bring one dozen dyed eggs

Regrets 555-5555

Hippity-Hop on over for
and Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch!...

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