Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations Tips

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What are appropriate Bridesmaid Luncheon themes and wording?

Bridesmaid luncheon invitations

You can set the Bridesmaid luncheon as the same theme or color scheme as the wedding or you can plan a different style of event. Following are some examples of Bridesmaid Luncheon invitation copy:

Bridesmaid Luncheon
Jennifer Kerr
bride-elect of Kevin Reed
Friday, June 25th at 11:30 a.m.
5555 Haley's Hollow Road

Mrs. George Henderson

R.s.v.p. 555-555-5555

Please come to a
Bridesmaid Luncheon
in honor of
Concy Hughes
Saturday, September tenth
at twelve-thirty in the afternoon
The Laguna Gardens
R.s.v.p. 555-5555

Please join us for a luncheon honoring
Sabrina Weston and her Bridesmaids
Saturday, November 12, 2005
eleven o'clock
Grennwich, Connecticut

Given with love by
Dorothy "Yiayia" Mesologites

Bridesmaid's Luncheon
Ellen Penn
Friday, May 8
Ridgeway Club
Harrington Room

Hosted by:
Karla Brown
Beverly Carr
Lynda Smith

How do I address a Bridesmaid Luncheon invitation?

Addressing Bridesmaid Luncheon Invites

When addressing Bridesmaid Luncheon invitations you can use the proper:

Mrs. John Smith

or you can use a more informal:

Mrs. Jane Smith

or the least formal way to address is:

Jane Smith

Who should I invite to the Bridesmaid Luncheon?

Who attends a Bridesmaid Luncheon?

The bride, her bridesmaids, her mother,the groom's mother and the hostesses should all attend the bridesmaids luncheon. The groom's mother may decline if she lives very far away. You may also want to invite a close friend or family member of the groom's mother if she lives out of town so she has someone to drive to the party and stay with.

When should I order and mail bridesmaid luncheon party invitations?

When to order/mail?

Depending on the complexity of the invitation, if there is assembly involved and they printing method you choose, some invitations can take 1 week to print and some can take several weeks to print (mainly during the busiest seasons - wedding and holiday).

Be sure to plan your party and order your invitations at least 8-12 weeks in advance. Then you will receive in plenty of time to address, add postage and mail.

Most formal parties need to be mailed 2-4 weeks in advance so people can reserve the date for your party. More informal parties can be mailed 2-3 weeks in advance.

If you have many out of town guests attending you may want to mail the invitations as early as 6 weeks in advance so everyone is sure to reserve the date for your party so that they can attend.

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