No Children, Please

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How do I address a no-children policy for our wedding?

No Children, Please

Some people may only be able to accomodate a certain number of people at their wedding because of financial or size limitations and cannot invite children because they need the space for additional adult friends.

Some people may want to have an adult celebration with drinking and dancing and would like the parents to stay late and "party" with them at their wedding and children and heavily drinking adults aren't really an ideal mix.

You would not address "no children" on the actual wedding invitation. You make a few well-placed calls. Have your bridesmaids or your family say, "you know I hate to tell you but they can't accommodate kids at this upcoming wedding. Please arrange for somebody to take care of them." It's terrible to put it on the invitations. It's such a strong negative to have printed on such a positive invitation - "no children" or "adults only". So just make a few telephone calls and tell them to spread the word, and they will.

Some couples may supply a couple of sitters or nannys to sit for children who may come with their parents. You can include this information with your save the date card or in the invitation.

Make sure you address the wedding invitations (inner and outer) with the parents names only and if you are not having any children, make sure you don't allow some people to bring children and others not or you will end up with hurt feelings.



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