Who attends the rehearsal dinner

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Who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner?

Who attends the rehearsal dinner

The groom's parents' budget (or whoever is hosting the rehearsal diner)will dictate how many people can attend the rehearsal dinner. Just like the bride's parents' budget determined how many people could attend the wedding.

People who should be included on the rehearsal dinner guest list are:
The bride and groom
All of their parents and step-parents
Their siblings and their spouses
All of the bridal party attendants (and their spouses if it is in the budget)
The officiants

People who can be included if the budget extends further:
The grandparents
Any out of town family members or close friends and their guests



6/23/2006 9:21:17 PM
merelee said:

flower girls, ring bearer, and their parents?


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